Repression in cambodia: opposition leader arrested

The government claims he committed treason. Now promising opposition leader Kem Sokha faces a 15-year prison sentence.

Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha at a Buddhist ceremony in March Photo: ap

Cambodia’s opposition leader Kem Sokha has been in custody in a provincial prison since Sunday. The 64-year-old head of the opposition National Salvation Party of Cambodia (CNRP) has plotted to overthrow the government together with the U.S., Prime Minister Hun Sen claims. Cambodia’s generals applauded the prime minister in addresses of surrender.


Travel to haiti: the new magic word tourism

The Caribbean island has enough beautiful beaches, colorful handicrafts and world cultural heritage. But hardship and poverty have shaped its image.

Highlife on the beach at Labadee. Image: imago/All Canada Photos

Haitians call it "goudougoudou." An onomatopoeic word for the 40-second earthquake of Jan. 12, 2010, when the country was in the headlines. A catastrophe that at the same time raised hopes that with international aid and thanks to the great attention given to Haiti at the time, there was a possibility of a new beginning. Away from the reputation of being the poorest country. Today, tourism is the magic word for this.


Repression and violence in the gambia: the desire for justice

During Yahya Jammeh’s rule, thousands were arbitrarily arrested and tortured. The country faces a difficult process of coming to terms with the past.

For 22 years, ex-president Yahya Jammeh ruled Gambia – now he lives in exile Photo: dpa

Yusufa Mbaye’s world is only a few square meters in size and surrounded by walls. Whether he is sitting in his parents’ house in the living room or on the terrace, the 34-year-old gaunt man stares at high walls and sometimes at the television. Mbaye has been in a wheelchair for more than 17 years and can only cross the front gate if his sister or mother help him. Already in the house, movements make him uncomfortable. His handshake is limp.


Government allows arms exports: turkey continues to receive german weapons

Two weeks ago, the newspaper "Bild" reported about a delivery stop. The government now denies this. It also refrains from a second measure.

Mules of the Turkish army (not from German production) Photo: dpa

Contrary to reports to the contrary, the German government is still allowing arms deals with Turkey. This is according to a response from the Ministry of Economics to a written question from Green Party MP Agnieszka Brugger.


Police costs at soccer games: judges make league pay

The Federal Administrative Court has ruled: Bremen’s law on police costs at soccer matches is legal.

Who pays when hundreds of extra police officers are deployed at a high-risk match? Photo: dpa

Bremen has essentially won its legal battle against the German Football League (DFL). In principle, the DFL must pay fees for high-risk Bundesliga matches in Bremen. Bremen’s law does not violate federal law, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig has now ruled.


Pop culture festival in berlin: sing-along mantra against anxiety

Comforting. Pop culture can do that, too. And casually facilitate social dialogue, beyond fake news and social division.

Stands for the here and now and music history: Neneh Cherry on Thursday at Pop Culture Photo: Roland Owsnitzki

What relevance does pop music actually have these days? Does it still offer opportunities to reflect on how one wants to live? Or is it, at best, a meaningless element in the lifestyle that everyone tinkers with?


Pros and cons of leaving the eu: is brexit good for the island?

Yes? No? Stay? Go? Two British academics argue about their country’s exit from the European Union.

What would Winston Churchill have said about Brexit? Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth AP


We Brexit supporters have become accustomed to questions from our European friends about what’s gotten into us. "Have you gone mad?" "Don’t you like us anymore?" "How can you?"-in response to these naive, sometimes touching questions, I take a deep breath and try to be brief. It has nothing to do with disliking Europe. Many leading Brexiteers have close European ties. I myself have spent most of my professional life writing about France and teaching European history. I know Paris better than London, the Pyrenees better than the Highlands, Berlin better than Liverpool.


Travel fairs in berlin: trend sharing economy

The place to be for new things in tourism: the ITB tourism trade show is cooperating with the Berlin Travel Festival in the Berlin exhibition halls from March 4 to 8.

At the Berlin Travel Festival Photo: Robert B. Fishman

With a quiet hiss, the bright red balloon on Jorg Sudermann’s wrist inflates in a matter of seconds. The Berlin Travel Festival marketing man is demonstrating one of the gadgets the manufacturer is presenting at the festival: an airbag for surfers.


Right-wing extremists at security authorities: 350 suspected cases

Hundreds of employees of security agencies are suspected of being right-wing extremists. This is the result of a confidential paper from the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

Police in Hesse are particularly suspicious: the police headquarters in Frankfurt am Main Photo: Boris Roessler/dpa

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) counts more than 350 suspected cases of right-wing extremism in German security agencies, according to a report. This is according to the first-ever situation report on the subject, Welt am Sonntag reported. According to the report, the document, which is classified as confidential, covers the period from the beginning of January 2017 to the end of March 2020.


Evicted: berliner ensemble wants to stay where it is

New dispute at Schiffbauerdamm: playwright and house owner Rolf Hochhuth cancels the theater’s lease.

What a theater: playwright Rolf Hochhuth wants to kick out the Berliner Ensemble (BE) and its director Claus Peymann. As the owner of the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm, Hochhuth, through his Ilse Holzapfel Foundation, has given "extraordinary and immediate" notice of termination of the lease to the State of Berlin, the stage’s tenant, for alleged breaches of contract. The house must be handed over to the foundation "cleared and swept clean," according to Hochhuth’s threat.

The cultural administration confirmed the 25-page letter of termination yesterday, but reacted calmly. They see "no danger that the BE will not be able to continue playing," Gunter Kolodziej, spokesman for State Secretary of Culture Andre Schmitz (SPD), told the taz. So far, he sees no reason for a termination. The administration is nevertheless in the process of thoroughly examining the termination, he said. BE lawyer Peter Raue also said on Monday that there had been no breaches of contract with Hochhuth, as the latter was implying.