After the election in hamburg: leftists are pilloried

Following the resignation of Dora Heyenn, Hamburg’s left-wing parliamentary group is under fire. Traitor" lists are circulating on the Internet.

The Left Party campaigned for a social Hamburg with "more humanity". What irony. Photo: dpa

The new parliamentary group of the Hamburg Left Party is under tremendous pressure, hardly has it constituted itself. After the eleven deputies did not confirm Dora Heyenn as head of the parliamentary group and Heyenn subsequently turned her back on the group, the latter is the subject of scathing media coverage and a shitstorm in the social networks.

Words like "scurrilous," "malicious" and "underhanded" are still the most harmless terms; there is talk of "electoral fraud" and "regicide. Lists are circulating on the Internet with the names of the six "traitors" who allegedly did not vote for Heyenn, the top candidate in the parliamentary election campaign.

To escape the pressure, individual deputies who voted for Heyenn in the secret ballot are now making their vote public. The caucus was caught completely off guard by Heyenn’s departure. "We are shocked by this step," was the spontaneous reaction of Cansu ozdemir, one of the two new faction leaders.

And there is also clear criticism within the party: The Hamburg state executive of the Left Party speaks of a "devastating political signal" and urgently appeals to "change the way the party and the parliamentary group deal with each other." His analysis: "The damage done by the new parliamentary group will occupy the Left Party Hamburg for years to come." The parliamentary group should now publicly answer questions.

Dora Heyenn, who is keeping her options open to return to the parliamentary group at a later date, also added verbally. "The limits of what the Left faction has done to me have been exceeded," said the 65-year-old, who for years was the figurehead of Hamburg’s Left Party, explaining her departure. She wants to work as a non-attached deputy in the Burgerschaft "until humanity returns to this faction."

Only a few weeks ago, the Left Party had advertised in the election campaign with large posters on which Dora Heyenn could be seen saying: "More humanity, that must be there. What was meant for society now applies first and foremost to the left itself.

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