Plans for the nuclear ruins in japan: fukushima cooling water into the sea

Tons of cooling water are stored in tanks. Because there is no room for much more, it is to be discharged into the Pacific. It is not only fishermen who are protesting.

Where to put the contaminated cooling water? Fukushima nuclear power plant, located directly on the sea Photo: Kyodo/dpa

Despite opposition from local residents and fishermen as well as from South Korea, Japan’s government wants to allow huge amounts of filtered cooling water from the nuclear ruins in Fukushima to be discharged into the Pacific Ocean. Japanese media reported that this decision is likely to be made before the end of October. "We cannot keep postponing this issue into the future without committing ourselves," cabinet spokesman Katsunobu Kato responded to press reports. Economy Minister Hiroshi Kajiyama stressed that without an early decision, the decommissioning of the Fukushima nuclear power plant would be delayed.


Protests in poland: freedom, equality and democracy!

Tens of thousands are taking to the streets again this weekend against the national populist PiS government. Doctors and teachers are also marching.

Protesting makes you tired: A short breather on Saturday in Warsaw Photo: dpa

Poland’s national populist ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) is becoming increasingly nervous. For the street protests, demonstrations and strikes are not abating, as PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski had hoped. "More wages," demanded nearly 8,000 young doctors, nurses and paramedics over the weekend. "No to chaos in schools," thousands of parents and teachers protested against the abolition of middle schools.


Prokurdish activist shared flat stormed: search because of a post

Police storm an apartment in Bavaria because of a Facebook post of a Kurdish flag. A left-wing activist is under investigation.

YPG flags in Qamishli, Syria Photo: reuters

At six o’clock in the morning on Thursday, around ten police officers from the Bavarian police’s Support Command (USK) raided a shared apartment in Munich. One of the residents, left-wing activist Benjamin Russ, is under investigation because he posted a photo of the flag of the PKK-affiliated militia, YPG, on Facebook.


Plea for an institution: you don’t close swimming pools!

It is the great pool for all, a sociotope, a happiness. A municipal duty. Anyone who thinks that outdoor pools are too expensive has understood nothing.

Shimmering light blue water, beautifully shaped tiles: a composition of architecture and geometry Photo: dpa

How does capitalism work? Especially in times of global monetary transactions? Something like this: In the south of the USA, a hurricane, let’s call it "Katrina," devastates large parts of a stately metropolis, and a few years later, two or three swimming pools close in Munich or Hanover. You think there’s no connection? Yes, there is.


North sea fish and global warming: climate change causes plaice to shrink

Warm water can absorb less oxygen, so fish need more energy to grow. The consequences for North Sea creatures are considerable.

Plaice on shore leave in Hamburg. Photo: dpa

Their stocks are already suffering from overfishing and massive water pollution. Now climate change is adding to the problem: By up to 29 percent, the body size of North Sea fish is said to have shrunk in the past 40 years due to rising temperatures. That is the conclusion of a study by the Scottish University of Aberdeen.


New album by dj koze: the muse has delayed the kiss.

Profound, jokes and illustrious guests on the microphone: DJ Koze and his monumental new dancefloor album "Amygdala".

Likes to drink Spanish Espelt wine: DJ Koze. Image: Promo

It’s been ages since DJ Koze released an album. Eight years had to pass until the new work "Amygdala". But in return, this sound monument has turned out to be captivating in every fiber. Just as the amygdala in the center designates a core area of the human brain, the Hamburg electronic producer roams through all the ramifications of his curly thought cosmos with the thirteen tracks.


Cycling in colombia: talent development with success

The best cyclists in the world are currently racing in Colombia. Cycling is extremely popular there. Millions are invested in young talent.

Quintana’s generation was able to build on a fairly good infrastructure Photo: afp/Joaquin Sarmiento

Jairo Chaves describes himself as a frustrated cyclist. "When I was young, my family didn’t care about cycling. No one considered it a profession. Our families made us work," he says. He himself, unable to develop his talent, took it upon himself to do better for his children. "A whole generation of fathers developed who wanted to give their children better conditions," he tells taz at a meeting in Bogota.


New foreign minister in the middle east conflict: heaven sends him

Heiko Maas flies to Israel for his inaugural visit. A nationalist is looking forward to meeting her "friend." In 2017, the two made a special round trip.

Heiko Maas (here not in a helicopter over the West Bank, but in a plane over Poland) Photo: dpa

On Sunday, the new Foreign Minister Heiko Maas will fly to Israel for his inaugural visit. He often emphasizes that the country is important to him. But how seriously he will work diplomatically on the increasingly unlikely two-state solution is questionable – at least in view of his last trip to Israel so far, in February 2017.


New album from britrapper skepta: autonomy and stabbing weapons

Skepta is the bright star in the dark firmament of the British rap dialect grime. On the new album he pulls out all the rhyme stops.

Hoodie off for prayer: Skepta Photo: Boy Better Know

Skepta is not laughing. Yet the grime MC from north London would have some reasons to do so. In 2017 he won the Mercury Music Prize for his album "Konnichiwa," last year he had a global hit with A$AP Rocky. And in March, he became the father of a daughter. Sitting next to her stroller in the video for his new track "Bullet From A Gun," Skepta is in a London subway station. Next to him, a couple is making out, a woman is putting on makeup, and a young man is wrestled to the ground by two police officers. "It ain’t safe, even in a world full of cops," Skepta raps before heading back out in his luxury stroller.


Pirates against state trojan: lawsuit for mismanagement

The Federal Criminal Police Office buys software whose use is prohibited. The Pirate Party is therefore suing the agency for wasting taxpayers’ money.

There were protests against the use of state spy software as early as 2007. Image: dpa

If you want to create a better world, sometimes you have to shit on rules. Officials from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) have bought the Trojan software "Finfisher". This is so bold because the agency has known since 2011 that the use of such programs is prohibited by law.