Ban on headscarves in austria: hiding problems

Austria’s new coalition wants to ban schoolgirls under 14 from wearing headscarves at school. The Greens are trying to make it look good.

It depends on what you put in your head, not what you put on it Photo: dpa

The new government will be sworn in on Tuesday in Austria: "The young Austrian conservative Sebastian Kurz, of all people, has managed to achieve what Germany refuses to do – a black-green coalition," writes Die Zeit. A look at the government program shows how this has probably been achieved: Kurz can simply continue his previous course.


Return to the exclusion zone near fukushima: “it will be okay”.

Naraha may be the first town in the exclusion zone to be repopulated. Almost all the damage has been repaired, but radiation meters are everywhere.

Azuma Hashimoto, 72, returning to his home in Nahara, February 2015. photo: reuters

Every morning, a group of municipal employees gathers at Naraha City Hall for a meeting. Then they go out in pairs to look for new returnees in the residential neighborhoods. They want to register them and ask what they need. This time Kumiko Watanabe and her helper meet an old man in his garden. "How are you?" asks Watanabe in a warm voice. At first, he replies, "Everything’s fine." But when the 87-year-old tells her that he has returned without his son, he bursts into tears. Watanabe tries to comfort the crying old man. "Everyone will be back soon!" she promises.


Local elections in poland: first gay mayor

In northern Poland, a homosexual became mayor for the first time: Robert Biedron. In the second round of elections, the government camp won in six cities.

The new head of the northern Polish city of Slupsk. Picture: ap

Poland has its first gay mayor: in the second round of local elections on Sunday, Robert Biedron was elected head of the city of Slupsk in the north of the country, according to results published Monday. He had already made history in 2011 when he became the first member of parliament to make his homosexuality public. Results for the runoff from all 900 cities and towns were to be released Monday.


Studienwerk director on afd foundation: “no cooperation”.

The Evangelisches Studienwerk distances itself from the AfD-affiliated Desiderius Erasmus Foundation. Why only now, Friederike Fab?

Erika Steinbach and her lawyer demand federal funding for the Desiderius Erasmus Foundation Photo: M. Popow/imago

site: Ms. Fab, in a recent position paper, your Villigst Study Foundation announces that it does not want to cooperate with the AfD-affiliated Desiderius Erasmus Foundation (DES). Why?


Column the right fringe: the inconspicuous second afd foundation

For a long time there was a dispute about an AfD-affiliated foundation. But Wilhelm von Gottberg, a member of parliament, has been running a right-wing foundation since 2009.

What Erika Steinbach can do, he has been able to do for a long time: Since 2009, the AfD member of the Bundestag from Lower Saxony, Wilhelm von Gottberg, has been running his own foundation Photo: dpa

A dispute over the establishment of a party-affiliated foundation ran for months in the AfD before a majority was found for the Desiderius Erasmus Foundation headed by Erika Steinbach. An AfD member of the Bundestag from Lower Saxony had long since acted from the milieu of the expellee associations: Wilhelm von Gottberg. The former federal chairman of the "Landsmannschaft Ostpreuben" (LO) has been running the "Foundation for Education and Remembrance" since 2009.