New album from britrapper skepta: autonomy and stabbing weapons

Skepta is the bright star in the dark firmament of the British rap dialect grime. On the new album he pulls out all the rhyme stops.

Hoodie off for prayer: Skepta Photo: Boy Better Know

Skepta is not laughing. Yet the grime MC from north London would have some reasons to do so. In 2017 he won the Mercury Music Prize for his album "Konnichiwa," last year he had a global hit with A$AP Rocky. And in March, he became the father of a daughter. Sitting next to her stroller in the video for his new track "Bullet From A Gun," Skepta is in a London subway station. Next to him, a couple is making out, a woman is putting on makeup, and a young man is wrestled to the ground by two police officers. "It ain’t safe, even in a world full of cops," Skepta raps before heading back out in his luxury stroller.


Turmoil over drug daraprim: $750 per tablet

Martin Shkreli buys the rights to an antibiotic and increases its price by 5,500 percent. Politicians are powerless to stop him.

An ex-hedge fund manager and current pharma start-up entrepreneur has raised the price of the drug by 5,500 percent. Photo: dpa

The health policy performance offered by Martin Shkreli this week was a pitch for all pharma haters. "Obscene," "disgusting," "greedy" – these were the comments on the net when it became known: Former U.S. hedge fund manager and current pharma start-up entrepreneur Shkreli, 32, has acquired the rights to the drug Daraprim in the U.S. and raised its price overnight by 5,500 – in words: five thousand five hundred – percent: from $13.50 to $750. Per tablet.


Protective measures for harvest workers: rotten food, room for five

On Monday, seasonal workers demonstrated against working conditions during the asparagus harvest. The insolvency administrator of their farm rejected the accusations.

Harvest workers from the Ritter asparagus farm in Bornheim protest against abuses Photo: Thomas Banneyer/dpa

About50 harvest workers* from the Ritter asparagus farm in Bornheim near Bonn protested again on Monday against living and working conditions. According to police, the demonstration was peaceful. However, private security forces of the farm had denied union representatives access to the housing barracks of the seasonal workers, a union spokesman said.


Opposition in russia: judicial farce continues

Human rights activist Yuri Dmitriev will be on trial again starting Monday. The historian is accused of producing child pornography.

Badge with the inscription: Freedom for Yuri Dmitriyev Photo: Igor Podgorny/imago

Yuri Dmitriyev has been in pre-trial detention in the Karelian city of Petrozavodsk for three years. The Russian historian and head of the Memorial Bureau, dedicated to coming to terms with Stalin-era terror in northern Russia, has been held in custody since late 2016 on suspicion of producing child pornography. The trial, which is politically motivated, continues today (Monday) in Petrozavodsk.


World chess champion bobby fischer: the long descent of a legend

Bobby Fischer spent the last years of his life as a broken man in Iceland. Now, for the first time, the priest who gave him his final blessing is speaking out.

August 1, 1972: Bobby Fischer (right) during his historic World Championship victory against Boris Spasski Photo: ap

The end, the snow, the night that will not pass. It has snowed mightily, almost a meter high. A small excavator has laboriously dug a grave, just to the left of the entrance to the village church of Laugardælir. It lies next to a homestead near the small town of Selfoss in the south of Iceland. Almost in the middle of nowhere.

Health advent calendar 7: fake news with poetry

In this year’s advent calendar we present many nice games to match the winter shutdown. Today: The encyclopedia game.

Many words for long winter evenings can be found, for example, in the Brockhaus Photo: picture alliance / dpa | Oliver Berg

Just words, yes. But you can also occupy yourself with them. Look at them closely. Be amazed. Take "jungle," for example: A mysterious, dazzling word. "The large Wahrig explains it as "subtropical jungle of India. But it gets really exciting when it comes to the question of gender. The jungle can be male. And female, the. If you want, you can even choose the neuter form, the jungle. At least that’s what it says in my 1980 edition of the dictionary, which very presently grants Dschungel a grammatical gender fluidity.