Accusation of social abuse: scrounging in german

Immigrant workers picking up Hartz IV in Germany? Not at all. Social abuse does not take place with them, but with German enterprises.

It’s not the migrants who are greedy, but German companies. Image: Getty

The European elections have shown it: politicians in Germany try to score points with keywords like "poverty migration" or "social abuse." "Who cheats, flies," the CSU had pithily formulated. They were referring primarily to migrant workers from Eastern European countries.


World chess champion bobby fischer: the long descent of a legend

Bobby Fischer spent the last years of his life as a broken man in Iceland. Now, for the first time, the priest who gave him his final blessing is speaking out.

August 1, 1972: Bobby Fischer (right) during his historic World Championship victory against Boris Spasski Photo: ap

The end, the snow, the night that will not pass. It has snowed mightily, almost a meter high. A small excavator has laboriously dug a grave, just to the left of the entrance to the village church of Laugardælir. It lies next to a homestead near the small town of Selfoss in the south of Iceland. Almost in the middle of nowhere.