Repression in cambodia: opposition leader arrested

The government claims he committed treason. Now promising opposition leader Kem Sokha faces a 15-year prison sentence.

Cambodian opposition leader Kem Sokha at a Buddhist ceremony in March Photo: ap

Cambodia’s opposition leader Kem Sokha has been in custody in a provincial prison since Sunday. The 64-year-old head of the opposition National Salvation Party of Cambodia (CNRP) has plotted to overthrow the government together with the U.S., Prime Minister Hun Sen claims. Cambodia’s generals applauded the prime minister in addresses of surrender.


Government allows arms exports: turkey continues to receive german weapons

Two weeks ago, the newspaper "Bild" reported about a delivery stop. The government now denies this. It also refrains from a second measure.

Mules of the Turkish army (not from German production) Photo: dpa

Contrary to reports to the contrary, the German government is still allowing arms deals with Turkey. This is according to a response from the Ministry of Economics to a written question from Green Party MP Agnieszka Brugger.


Pop culture festival in berlin: sing-along mantra against anxiety

Comforting. Pop culture can do that, too. And casually facilitate social dialogue, beyond fake news and social division.

Stands for the here and now and music history: Neneh Cherry on Thursday at Pop Culture Photo: Roland Owsnitzki

What relevance does pop music actually have these days? Does it still offer opportunities to reflect on how one wants to live? Or is it, at best, a meaningless element in the lifestyle that everyone tinkers with?


Pros and cons of leaving the eu: is brexit good for the island?

Yes? No? Stay? Go? Two British academics argue about their country’s exit from the European Union.

What would Winston Churchill have said about Brexit? Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth AP


We Brexit supporters have become accustomed to questions from our European friends about what’s gotten into us. "Have you gone mad?" "Don’t you like us anymore?" "How can you?"-in response to these naive, sometimes touching questions, I take a deep breath and try to be brief. It has nothing to do with disliking Europe. Many leading Brexiteers have close European ties. I myself have spent most of my professional life writing about France and teaching European history. I know Paris better than London, the Pyrenees better than the Highlands, Berlin better than Liverpool.


Plans for the nuclear ruins in japan: fukushima cooling water into the sea

Tons of cooling water are stored in tanks. Because there is no room for much more, it is to be discharged into the Pacific. It is not only fishermen who are protesting.

Where to put the contaminated cooling water? Fukushima nuclear power plant, located directly on the sea Photo: Kyodo/dpa

Despite opposition from local residents and fishermen as well as from South Korea, Japan’s government wants to allow huge amounts of filtered cooling water from the nuclear ruins in Fukushima to be discharged into the Pacific Ocean. Japanese media reported that this decision is likely to be made before the end of October. "We cannot keep postponing this issue into the future without committing ourselves," cabinet spokesman Katsunobu Kato responded to press reports. Economy Minister Hiroshi Kajiyama stressed that without an early decision, the decommissioning of the Fukushima nuclear power plant would be delayed.


Protests in poland: freedom, equality and democracy!

Tens of thousands are taking to the streets again this weekend against the national populist PiS government. Doctors and teachers are also marching.

Protesting makes you tired: A short breather on Saturday in Warsaw Photo: dpa

Poland’s national populist ruling party Law and Justice (PiS) is becoming increasingly nervous. For the street protests, demonstrations and strikes are not abating, as PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski had hoped. "More wages," demanded nearly 8,000 young doctors, nurses and paramedics over the weekend. "No to chaos in schools," thousands of parents and teachers protested against the abolition of middle schools.


New album from britrapper skepta: autonomy and stabbing weapons

Skepta is the bright star in the dark firmament of the British rap dialect grime. On the new album he pulls out all the rhyme stops.

Hoodie off for prayer: Skepta Photo: Boy Better Know

Skepta is not laughing. Yet the grime MC from north London would have some reasons to do so. In 2017 he won the Mercury Music Prize for his album "Konnichiwa," last year he had a global hit with A$AP Rocky. And in March, he became the father of a daughter. Sitting next to her stroller in the video for his new track "Bullet From A Gun," Skepta is in a London subway station. Next to him, a couple is making out, a woman is putting on makeup, and a young man is wrestled to the ground by two police officers. "It ain’t safe, even in a world full of cops," Skepta raps before heading back out in his luxury stroller.


Michael kretschmer in chemnitz: the challenger

Saxony’s prime minister must save his country from the AfD. But how, when even the Hitler salute no longer bothers so many?

Prime Minister Kretschmer and Mayor Barbara Ludwig face the cameras in Chemnitz Photo: dpa

The challenge is first of all to exist at all. Michael Kretschmer, 43, CDU, Minister President of Saxony, sits in a circle of chairs with citizens in Chemnitz and talks. They’ve given each person here an extra name tag so that everything looks a bit more binding.


Dyslexics against muslims: deuschland den deuschen

They want to save "Germany" but can’t even spell it right: The inflammatory slogans at a mosque in Hamburg are almost comical.

Once a church, soon a mosque – even if some people don’t like it: the Al-Nour mosque in Horn Photo: Miguel Ferraz

"Deuschland den Deuschen – Nationaler Wiederstand" is written on the floor of the entrance. "Islam kills," "rapists" and "terror" are written on the walls of the Al-Nour mosque – peppered with spelling mistakes. In the night to Monday, so far unknown perpetrators sprayed the slogans.


Markus soder discovers nature conservation: ski lift at riedberger horn buried

Bavaria’s new prime minister drops the criticized project and sweetens the farewell with millions for the affected mountain villages.

Successful protest by nature conservationists against the construction of a "ski circuit" at the Riedberger Horn Photo: dpa

Markus Soder says it short and sweet after the meeting with the local Oberallgau political celebrities on Friday: "The ski circuit will be renounced."