Travel to haiti: the new magic word tourism

The Caribbean island has enough beautiful beaches, colorful handicrafts and world cultural heritage. But hardship and poverty have shaped its image.

Highlife on the beach at Labadee. Image: imago/All Canada Photos

Haitians call it "goudougoudou." An onomatopoeic word for the 40-second earthquake of Jan. 12, 2010, when the country was in the headlines. A catastrophe that at the same time raised hopes that with international aid and thanks to the great attention given to Haiti at the time, there was a possibility of a new beginning. Away from the reputation of being the poorest country. Today, tourism is the magic word for this.


Pros and cons of leaving the eu: is brexit good for the island?

Yes? No? Stay? Go? Two British academics argue about their country’s exit from the European Union.

What would Winston Churchill have said about Brexit? Photo: Kirsty Wigglesworth AP


We Brexit supporters have become accustomed to questions from our European friends about what’s gotten into us. "Have you gone mad?" "Don’t you like us anymore?" "How can you?"-in response to these naive, sometimes touching questions, I take a deep breath and try to be brief. It has nothing to do with disliking Europe. Many leading Brexiteers have close European ties. I myself have spent most of my professional life writing about France and teaching European history. I know Paris better than London, the Pyrenees better than the Highlands, Berlin better than Liverpool.


Travel fairs in berlin: trend sharing economy

The place to be for new things in tourism: the ITB tourism trade show is cooperating with the Berlin Travel Festival in the Berlin exhibition halls from March 4 to 8.

At the Berlin Travel Festival Photo: Robert B. Fishman

With a quiet hiss, the bright red balloon on Jorg Sudermann’s wrist inflates in a matter of seconds. The Berlin Travel Festival marketing man is demonstrating one of the gadgets the manufacturer is presenting at the festival: an airbag for surfers.


Nsu trial in munich: justice goes to sleep

The NSU trial has been going on for almost a year. The court’s will to clarify the matter seems to be flagging. The joint plaintiffs are outraged.

In any case, the demonstrators are more committed than the judiciary. Picture: dpa

To get to the Munich Higher Regional Court, Ismail Yozgat traveled 500 kilometers. He took his wife and three daughters with him and sat with them in room A101, towards the back. Yozgat wears a gray suit, in his hand he holds a piece of paper, his statement.


Dyslexics against muslims: deuschland den deuschen

They want to save "Germany" but can’t even spell it right: The inflammatory slogans at a mosque in Hamburg are almost comical.

Once a church, soon a mosque – even if some people don’t like it: the Al-Nour mosque in Horn Photo: Miguel Ferraz

"Deuschland den Deuschen – Nationaler Wiederstand" is written on the floor of the entrance. "Islam kills," "rapists" and "terror" are written on the walls of the Al-Nour mosque – peppered with spelling mistakes. In the night to Monday, so far unknown perpetrators sprayed the slogans.


Legal dispute over entry permit: from the embassy to europe?

The Human Rights Court is hearing whether a Syrian family can enter Europe with a visa. The ruling could be groundbreaking.

Aleppo in April 2019: The plaintiff family is still holding out here Photo: reuters

This decision could revolutionize European asylum law: A Syrian family is suing for humanitarian visas at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). This would allow them to legally travel to Europe and apply for asylum. The Court immediately assigned the case to the Grand Chamber in Strasbourg because of its fundamental importance.


“Monet. Places” at the museum barberini: platitude with monet

If the exhibition in Potsdam could open its doors once again, one would only speak of haystacks again. That would be a great pity.

Installation view Haystack painting from the exhibition "Monet. Places" Photo: David von Becker, Museum Barberini

Three weeks before the opening of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, the events in an auction room in New York were of no interest in the then German workers’ and farmers’ state. At Sotheby’s in the Rockefeller Center, the hammer fell on October 18 for "Snow-covered Haystacks in the Evening Light" by Claude Monet (1840-1926) from 1891. The 65 x 100 cm canvas cost the buyer at the time $8.5 million.


Commentary on germany’s turkey policy: gabriel stumbles over himself

It could have been a diplomatic masterpiece, but the foreign minister is ruining everything for himself. Because there’s one thing he hasn’t thought through.

Sigmar Gabriel in action Photo: dpa

The ideal scenario for German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) looks like this: Flight to Istanbul with the federally owned Airbus, handover of Turkish hostage Deniz Yucel on the tarmac, triumphant return to Berlin and motorcade to Kreuzberg. A dream.


“Londongrad” in times of the nerve agent: please no politics!

Many Russians live in the British capital. But if you ask them about the current espionage affair, most of them remain silent.

They keep to themselves: Windows of the Russian embassy in London Photo: ap

"Putin, the pariah," screams as a headline from the front page of London’s free newspaper Metro every morning. Russia has managed to push even Brexit out of the news. The focus is now also on London’s Russian exile community: 16,348 born in Russia, but 150,000 if you interpret Russian affiliation more generously. "Londongrad" is what some wicked tongues call it.


Column startled couch potatoes: annoying pee break

Earning money by urinating. On highways, rest stops make additional dough through forced vouchers. The alternative: truck stops. There, the urinator gets a voucher as a gift.

The rip-off with vouchers at the pee break. Picture: dpa

Vacation time. Travel time. Traffic jams on highways. Urgent pee breaks. The business with the toilets in German freeway service stations is going strong. A business worth millions. The typical restroom at rest stops is clean and has feel-good music.