Trans* politician in vermont: trans* for house of representatives

Christine Hallquist wants to become the head of government of the state of Vermont for the US Democrats. If elected, she would be the first trans* governor.

The Unternemerin Christine Hallquist wants for the US Democrats in Congress Photo: dpa

Democrats have become the first major party in the US to field a trans* woman as a candidate for governor. Businesswoman Christine Hallquist beat out several competitors in the party’s primary election in the state of Vermont on Tuesday to enter the November ballot as the top candidate for governor. Associations that advocate for the rights of sexual minorities hailed the nomination as "historic."

Vermont is a state in the northeastern U.S. that has traditionally been more liberal and progressive than other states in the country. Hallquist is not assured of victory, however: she is running against the popular Republican incumbent Phil Scott, who demoscopes give a good chance of re-election. The office of governor is roughly equivalent to that of a minister-president in a German state.

Hallquist previously served as chief executive of Vermont Electricity Coop. By her own account, she began gender reassignment in 2015. Her campaign website says she decided to come out "after years of hiding" – and is the first business leader in the country to run a company during her gender transition.

Democratic candidate Ilhan Omar in Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib, who won the Democratic primary in a Michigan district last week, could also be the first Muslim women to enter the U.S. House of Representatives. Tlaib’s entry is considered safe: she has no Republican opponent in her race.

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