Travel fairs in berlin: trend sharing economy

The place to be for new things in tourism: the ITB tourism trade show is cooperating with the Berlin Travel Festival in the Berlin exhibition halls from March 4 to 8.

At the Berlin Travel Festival Photo: Robert B. Fishman

With a quiet hiss, the bright red balloon on Jorg Sudermann’s wrist inflates in a matter of seconds. The Berlin Travel Festival marketing man is demonstrating one of the gadgets the manufacturer is presenting at the festival: an airbag for surfers.

If a surfer loses orientation under water, he presses a button on his wrist. The gas cartridge in the wristband fills the rescue device’s balloon with air, which propels the fallen person to the surface.

The development of the little helper was financed on a crowdfunding platform. There, inventors, visionaries and company founders present their ideas online. Anyone who wants to can participate as a crowd investor with any amount and receives a share of the profits when the business has turned a profit.

The sharing economy is the buzzword that has long since changed the tourism industry. Airbnb earns millions by providing travelers with private accommodations, Uber and other apps make it easier to share cars, and numerous platforms such as hrs or arrange flights, hotel rooms and complete trips. Many now have such market power that they can dictate prices to suppliers.

The Traveller

Travellers, as modern tourists call themselves, make contacts online, offer each other their sofas for the night via, book predominantly online and react more spontaneously than traditional vacationers to new offers.

Berlin Travel Festival: from March 9 to 11. Venue: Arena Berlin, Eichenstrasse 4, 12435 Berlin.

International Tourism Fair Berlin (ITB), from 7. Place: Messehallen am Funkturm.

Meanwhile, Messe Berlin has also recognized this. "We can learn a few things from the ideas of the Berlin Travel Festival," said ITB spokeswoman Julia Wegener at the opening of the first Berlin Travel Festival a year ago. Messe Berlin financed the launch of the festival. An amount is not mentioned. .

The second edition of the festival will again offer a mixture of happening, travel fair, lecture program, workshops and product presentations on the coming second weekend in March in the Arena at Schlesisches Tor. Dreammaker, Escape Seaker, Culture Shifter and Adventure Collectors, loosely translated dream designers, (part-time) Aussteiger, Wandelnde between the cultures and adventure collectors are invited.

Organizer Bernd Neff announces as special guest the commissioner of the government of Bhutan for the national happiness, Ha Vinh Tho. His country is the first and so far the only one that has declared the happy life of its inhabitants as a state goal.

Outdoor celebrities

Also announced are the son of mountaineer Reinhold Messner, who has opened several unusual museums in South Tyrol, and adventurer Rudiger Nehberg. 35 hotels will auction off accommodation vouchers for the benefit of the Target Foundation. Nehberg founded this foundation for the victims of genital mutilation.

In a "Creators Lounge," the 20 European bloggers with the widest reach and other content producers (suppliers of content for the web) will present themselves.

On an open stage, travelers talk about their experiences – for example, the young woman who bought a donkey after the death of her father, with which she walked from Munich to the Mediterranean. Another tells of his experiences on his walk from Munich to Nepal. On the entire route he did not use any vehicle.

The workshop program at the festival is new. Visitors get survival tips for the road, learn the basics of blogging, travel photography and travel journalism.

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